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Doctrine and Ethics

The class of doctrine and ethics is a chance for Catholics to discuss and learn about various subjects related to Catholic doctrine and ethical issues. Most of the teaching is done by Fr.McKee, and the program is meant to be interactive. People come with their questions, and we take the time to think about these issues. Discussion classes are from 10:30 to noon, every saturday, at St.David church library. Catechists wanting further formation are most welcome.

 First class: September 4, 2010

     Please bring a bible and your catechism book. We will be discussing from week to week the catechism texts systemmatically. The time, 1 and 1/2 hours will be devoted to this study, but also to any questions which arise from the participants.  In other words we will flow with the questions of faith which you encounter.

    Topic for this fall: We will study the ''Credo'' section.

   We hope to visit a synagogue or other religious temple this fall. Keep posted for further info.

Last class : December 2010, 4th

Coming back : January 2011, 15th

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